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Director's Message
JDAR Pathology Laboratory Chairman
In a time of intense competition and multinational labs, the only one to loose is the patient.
We provide personalized the patient care at competetive rates.

About JDAR

We have been serving the patients in South Delhi for the past 35 years providing quality reports at competitive prices, now we have upgraded ours self trying to keep up with the changing times and incorporate new modalities in diagnostic medicine.We have only one branch and will continue to work in the same fashion ,serving, the society and maintaining our quality.Quality of our report is of prime concern.Dr. Saurabh ensures that Quality exists at all stages of testing: right from collection of samples to final release of the report.

JDAR Path Lab
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  Beware; all diabetics should keep their sugar level under check because in the long run it affects all the organs of ones body, either directly or indirectly.
  Same is the case with cholesterol especially if ones low density lipid (LDL) values are high (bad cholesterol).
 For best physcological and psychiatric treatmentin delhi, go to the best. (APPOLLO HOSPITAL )


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